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World braces for more cyberattacks as work week beginsby Robin MILLARD

Governments and computer experts girded Monday for a possible worsening of the global cyberattack that has hit more than 150 countries, as Microsoft warned against stockpiling vulnerabilities like the one at the heart of the crisis. For the full article please click below -

The safety net of having a secure backup is never truly appreciated until your life's work is held hostage. Global news has covered the latest cyberattack, and the seriousness of it was highlighted as this ransamware took the NHS to its knees. A basic backup strategy will save you and is based on a simple 1-2-3 principle.

  1. You have ONE set of important documents or data
  2. It must be saved on TWO media - ie: Your PC AND an external Hard Drive or Local Server or Cloud
  3. It must be in THREE different locations - Dont back your data up to an external Hard Drive and then carry that drive around in your laptop bag. Always ensure you have a copy saved to the cloud.

PSI Services can offer you a complete backup solution for your documents for a nominal monthly fee of only R199.00 Inc VAT. Contact our team on 086 110 1061 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.


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