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Cloud-Based Solutions


Lower risk than "on-premise" servers


Supports the work-from-home model


Virtual desktop functionality saves costs

Although there will always be a case for “on-premise” or “hybrid” solutions, the clear trend for all businesses is to take their business applications and data to a secure cloud-based solution.


In South Africa, the level of risk in having servers and data “on-premise” is too high and it’s not worth exposing your business to such threats.  


Today’s technology allows clients the option of choosing to “host” their applications and data in secure, redundant facilities rather than keeping equipment at the office.


Since the beginning of 2020 the workforce has had to adjust to the work-from-home model. But has your business?


Cloud-based services allow staff to work efficiently from anywhere in the world – all they need is an internet connection. PSI can guide you through the options to ensure both the business and staff benefit.


Office 365, hosted emails and cloud backup services are the simplest and easiest formats of this technology and allows clients to “test” the cloud-based solutions before moving onto something more complicated.


Virtual desktops are also an efficient and cost-effective way of managing users that require simple desktop functionality and you don’t need to invest!