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VoIP Solutions For Your Business​

Your telecommunication systems are a crucial IT aspect of your businesses technology. Prior to Unified Communications and VOIP, the usage and maintenance of telecommunication systems were costly and offered no flexibility. However, now with Unified Communications you are able to connect and communicate via multiple devices.  This offers your business the flexibility and simplicity that it needs to function efficiently. Not only does VoIP have the lowest cost per call but also keeps you connected no matter where you are, provided that you have an internet connection.

VoIP Unified Communications

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol solutions utilize internet connectivity to place and receive calls rather than traditional analogue copper connectivity. Phone handsets are now connected to the IT network instead of having their own analogue cabled network. Either a high-speed Wi-Fi connection or an ethernet connection may be used to achieve this. Calls can therefore be placed or received using a PBX and any other network ready device such as a mobile phone or computer. With VoIP Business Solutions you have the choice of an “On-Premises” PBX or a “Hosted PBX” depending on the risk vs cost decision you wish to make.

Benefits of VoIP Business Solutions

Unified Communications

Place and receive calls on multiple devices including your mobile phone and computer using the Linkus application

Reduced Costs

Lowest cost per call and seamless, affordable global communication.

Greater Flexibility

It offers scalability meaning that it can be adjusted according to your business needs. It also keeps you connected while working from anywhere in the world as long as you’ve got an internet connection.

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How PSI IT Services can assist

We understand that your current business number is part of your identity. Which is why when switching over to VoIP PSI IT Services will port your existing number. Our trained IT Engineers will ensure that the migration process from tradition landline to VoIP Solutions is done efficiently and professionally.  Your customers won’t know the difference!


With our Voice over Internet Protocol Business Solutions you can give staff the flexibility to communicate via the Linkus app on their cell phone instead of a dedicated desk phone. This ensures that clients can always reach you on your business number even when not in the actual office.


PSI IT Services understands that with new technology initial training and hand holding will be required. Our team of trained IT Engineers will assist you and get you communicating efficiently.