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Fibre and Connectivity Solutions

Fibre and Connectivity Solutions

Reduced Downtime

Tailored Packages

Secure Service

ADSL technology is a thing of the past. Fibre connectivity is not only faster but more efficient due to its synchronous upload and download speeds and it is less prone to downtime.

The cost of fibre is reducing every year so the ability for PSI to provide the correct solution for your business grows all the time. There is a large difference between Business Fibre, Broadband Fibre and Fiber to the home (FTTH) with each solution having different SLAs and contention rations (the number of other people/businesses that share your same fibre line).

Understanding when you use the internet, what applications you run, and what your expectations are, will help define a bespoke fibre solution for you. 

Connectivity not only allows for great opportunity it also opens the door for a greater risk of invasion and viruses. Not only due to the latest POPIA requirements but also as a business principle, PSI strongly recommends the use of firewall protection and Quality of Service rules.  

This offers your business additional layers of protection against outside threats and that your users do not abuse the internet connection.