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Internet Connectivity

Fibre Internet Connectivity for Your Business and Home

With ADSL a thing of the past, Fibre Internet Connectivity offers business and home users reliability and efficiency. At PSI IT Services we understand the frustrations of slow, unreliable internet, which is why we are able to provide your business and home with high-speed Fibre Internet Solutions tailored to your needs.

What is Fibre Internet Connectivity?

Fibre Internet Connectivity uses light pulses through fibre optic cables to send data at high speeds. Prior to Fibre, ADSL copper lines were susceptible to corrosion and weather damage which led to extended periods of downtime. However, Fibre offers users durability ensuring minimal downtime. Unlike tradition ADSL connectivity a landline is not required for Fibre Internet access. Nor will the distance of your business or home from the exchange affect your internet speed. Data transmitted along fibre optic cables can travel up to 50km between the exchange before a difference in speed may occur.

Benefits of Fiber Internet Connectivity


Internet speed is much faster than that of ADSL Copper Lines.


Easily have your line speed increased or decreased based on the needs of your business.


Fibre is less prone to downtime keeping you connected

LTE Internet Solutions

Should your area not yet have access to Fibre Connectivity, our LTE Internet Solutions may be a suitable option. LTE utilizes mobile data via a sim card and router. Due to its nature, LTE is widely available provided there is network coverage. LTE offers business owners and homeowners flexibility and fast internet speeds. It is not a fixed line solution meaning that it is easily portable should you need it moved.

LTE Internet Connectivity

Microwave Connectivity

Microwave Internet Connectivity utilizes radio wave technology to transmit data. It provides high-speed, high capacity and reliable internet connectivity. Microwave Connectivity offers users low latency and quick installation. However, this solution is limited to a line of sight which is required between the source and the receiver.

How PSI IT Services can get you connected

We understand that every business or household has different needs when it comes to internet connectivity. Which is why PSI IT Services will tailor an Internet Solution to meet those specific needs. Your options may vary depending on infrastructure availability, number of connected devices, users, programs etc. PSI IT Services also offers our business clients the option of switching their traditional telephone landlines to a flexible VoIP Solution.  


Although connectivity offers greater opportunity for business and home users, it also increases the risk invasion and viruses. As a business principle, PSI IT Services strongly recommends the use of firewall protection and quality of service rules. These multiple layers of security ensure your businesses protection from outside threats and users that may wish to abuse the connection.