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Microsoft Teams – what and why?

The Covid years have pushed all of us into a new world of technological possibilities. Online schooling flourished, costly national and international travel was removed and replaced with virtual meetings and it is now possible to have meetings with your pyjama pants on while wearing a suite and tie 😊 During this period we all tried different formats of software to conduct our virtual meetings. Zoom was the “known” format and has many amazing features which were enhanced over the past three years. MS Teams, on the other hand, started off as being the ugly step sister with many people finding the Microsoft license an issue as well as the usability of the product was found to be too “Corporate”.  BUT that is when things started to change!!

The level of adaptation, improved functionality and integration into other products really showed how much time, money and energy the Microsoft team put into developing MS Teams into the Cinderella product it is today. Zoom is for meetings, MS Teams runs your business!!

MS Teams needs to be viewed as a central repository where people collaborate together. They share common documents, they message each other relevant notes on a specific project, they edit the same document and don’t worry about 10 different word versions and they DO NOT all need to work for the same business. Clients , staff and suppliers can all be part of a specific team that needs to work together to achieve a project goal. At PSI Services we use MS Teams more extensively than we do emails. We don’t email company documents or general communication or client project information – it’s all stored in MS Teams inside the relevant team. “Who has the latest version of Client XZY’s network diagram” or “Who has the updated minutes from last week’s meeting” are questions never asked at PSI. We know to go into MS Teams, access the relevant Team folder and all communication is there.

If you are looking to make your business more efficient, eliminate unnecessary group email searches and explore the integrated products Microsoft has to offer please give me a call to discuss. We’ll setup a Teams meeting and yes you can wear your pyjama pants 😊

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Shane Morrow

Shane Morrow

Managing Director